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By Valerie Ward "Being a kid is never easy, especially when you factor in things like peer pressure, bullying, and negative social messages – all of which can negatively affect how kids feel about themselves.

Go Girl! encourages eight- to 14-year-old girls to build confidence from the inside out. It’s offered by National Kids Camps, which operates several sports and activity camps geared to strengthening self-esteem, confidence and teamwork. “Kids can be tough on each other,” says Leeorah Pearce who runs National Kids Camps with her husband, Geoff.

“On top of that, the media bombards us with images of ultra-thin girls and women. I wanted to create a camp that promotes healthy choices and positive thinking.”

 Activities include games, crafts and group discussions related to topics such as body image, inner strengths, and supporting others, says program coordinator and counselor Teri Flemming. “For example, last year there was a scavenger hunt where the girls looked for beauty, love, talent and other traits in themselves. They also played a game called “Who am I?” which got them thinking about positive women role models, and they worked on healthy choices related to diet and body image. In addition, the girls participated in physical activities such as yoga and self-defense and there was a spa day for fun.”

According to parent Krishna Kruse, there should be more camps like Go Girl!

“Society tells girls that thin and blonde is the ideal. Go Girl! gives them the chance to learn more about what is within and to run with that.” Ms. Kruse’s two daughters attended the camp last summer and enjoyed it so much they’ll be back this year. "

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